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Find Your Dream Home

Need help finding your dream home?  Whether you are moving down the street or relocating, we have the local expertise and resources to help you find the perfect home or condo for you and your family.  We work closely with our clients to understand your real estate needs and goals to help you find the best home at the best possible price.

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Home Inspectors:

AmeriSpec Inspection Services Ltd.              1-888-693-2647                

C & F Choice Inspections Ltd.                      (250) 635-4244

In Form Home Inspections Ltd.                    (250) 600-6481

Inspector Lindquist Home Inspections           (778) 645-1020

Skeena Home Inspections                            (250) 635-0098

SKS Home Inspections                                 (250) 641-3907

Utility Companies:

BC. Hydro& Power Authority         1-800-224-9376       

Pacific Northern Gas                       1-800-667-2297        

Telus Residential Services              310-2255                    

City West Telephone                      (250) 624-2111

City West Cable                               1-800-442-8664       

(250) 638-1400

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